Sunday, March 18, 2012

v5.5: Options for list display

Some examples of how you can configure your list display in ⌘ > Settings:

This is the most basic and therefore fastest configuration

With artwork "medium" line 2 is folded into 2 lines, if necessary

With artwork "large" you get up to 4 lines.

Changing the artwork size can be done directly in the list view by using the "pinch" gesture.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

v5.4: More concise list-view

As you can see, the list-view now shows only the most important infos at a glance:
Artwork, title, artist and composer (in []). On the iPad you also get the album's name.

Plus: 3 graphical playback indicators on the left for each song.

The 1. indicator on top shows the rating (0-5):
"-" no rating
""  ★····
"▮▮"  ···
"▮▮▮"  ··
"▮▮▮▮"  ·

The 2. indicator in the middle shows the play count as graphical bars:
"-" never played
"" played 1-3 times
"▮▮" played 4-6 times
"▮▮▮" played 7-12 times
"▮▮▮▮" played 13-24 times
"▮▮▮▮▮" played more than 24 times

The bars at the bottom (3.) show how long ago the song was last played:
"-" never played
"" last played 1-6 days ago ("some days ago")
"▮▮" last played 7-30 days ago ("some weeks ago")
"▮▮▮" last played 31-180 days ago ("some months ago")
"▮▮▮▮" last played 181-365 days ago ("more than half a year ago")
"▮▮▮▮▮" last played more than 365 days ago ("more than a year ago")

Hope you like it.