Sunday, May 20, 2012

Load all titles with same ...

With SmartPlaylist v5.9 you can navigate from a song to all titles with the same ...
  • Genre
  • Composer
  • Groupings
  • Artist
  • Album
  1. Select a title in the detail view (e.g. the song now playing).
  2. Tap "⇉". This opens the "⇉ Load all titles with same ..." dialogue.
  3. Pick "Genre = GenreOfSelectedTitle" or "Composer = ComposerOfSelectedTitle" or "Groupings = GroupingsOfSelectedTitle" or "Artist = ArtistOfSelectedTitle" or "Album = AlbumOfSelectedTitle"
Tap on""
Select where you want to go

On the iPad
SmartPlaylist now creates a temporary playlist "T", which works just like the others (A, B, ..., F/G). From here you can jump yet to another temporary playlist using "⇉". To go back to the original (unchanged) playlist:
  • In the list view: Tap on the title on top (e.g. "SmartPlaylist T: 39")
  • In the rules view: Use "⏎ Search / Generate list" or "↻ Reload last list" or switch to another list (and then back again)
So, this feature allows you to search by example. You can also use it to drill down from a more general result list. I hope you will enjoy the flexibility this approach offers.