Monday, July 9, 2012

Corrupted AppStore download

There was / is also a problem some users have experienced: After downloading the latest version of SmartPlaylist (v5.9) SmartPlaylist crashes when opened. The same problem exists also with other apps. The reason for this seems to be corrupted files from the AppStore.
I have submitted a small update (v5.9.1) to Apple more than 10 days ago (fixing sorting after fusion / mix), but it has not yet been published by Apple. They seem to be really busy ...

UPDATE: OK, v5.9.1 has just been published in the App Store. I hope everyone gets a good copy this time.


  1. SmartPlaylists really has amazing possibilities, I love it! I was wondering for years, why Apple prevents us from creating SP on the iPhone, until I recently found your App.

    But you really have to improve the UI, it's so cluttered with (awesome) features, it's a pain to use. Have you thought about re-doing the interface? I'd be glad to help you with graphics and ideas, if you'd like. I think what Apple did with iOS 5 iPhone configuration, might be a good starting point. clean and self-explaining.

    I think it deserves an amazing UI, just like it's features.

  2. Please contact me at Thank you very much!

  3. To people who have never used a database query tool SmartPlaylist is not intuitive to use. The current layout of SmartPlaylist is designed for users who know how to use such tools. But then, have you ever looked for a holiday cottage or a hotel on the internet? Then you had to enter search criteria (location, number of rooms, etc.) to find a suitable place -- just like in SmartPlaylist. So it should really not be so difficult.
    But many users do not even read the app description, let alone this blog. How can I help them? Why does Apple not include smart playlist features? Because it gets complicated very quickly, so people will not cope. And anyhow, most people just don't need these features, because they do not care about ratings, genres, years, etc. They just dump the latest music on their device (mainstream music which you can hear on any radio station ...) and happily listen to it.

    The current layout allowed me to stuff all new features into it without having to rework it fundamentally, so I could focus on the functionality. Another way for me to focus on functionality was to do without nice graphics. Some people like SmartPlaylist because of that, others not.

    Any ideas how to improve or rework the UI of SmartPlaylist are welcome. Please submit your suggestions here or to