Thursday, February 18, 2016

Some new features in the next version

UPDATE: Released with v9.2

In the next few weeks I plan to deliver some new features for SmartPlaylist:

  • Add a title / name / description for each smart playlist. It is stored together with the rules when you load the list. You can show or hide this in Menu > Settings, General Options.
  • Search for media type: All (music and music videos), only music or only music videos. You can show or hide this rule in Menu > Settings, Show / hide rules
  • Order the playlist by album artist
  • Select only x titles per album artist


  1. Media type will be great, I missed this the last days because I use to store clips to the corresponding album but when I want to listen, I don't need them to show up of course. The complete implementation of the album artist will be useful, too. Another point concerning this is that you can't use album artist in the display options of the list at the moment, maybe it's easy to add that, too.
    One other idea: Maybe you could add some kind of flag if there are hidden rules used in a list. I had some mysterious "no matches" during the last weeks, which were gone after using the menu command "delete rules/results" and simply reentering the same.

    1. You can see "hidden" rules with "All/Active", because this shows all active rules, even when you have hidden them.