Thursday, May 31, 2018

Problems continue with iOS 11.4

With iOS 11.3 and 11.4  some of the most basic operations do no longer work as before when (re)loading a list:

  • after loading the playback queue iOS 11 now always starts playing the first song in the list - only with new tricks is it possible to tell iOS 11 to use the previously playing song for playback 
  • it is no longer possible to restore the previous playback position of the song that was playing before
With the last update I tried to make the (re)loading seamless without interruption of the playback of the now playing song. But this meant that the new list was not actually loaded as playback queue, as could be verified in the Music app. Surprisingly, no one has complained about that ...

To ensure the correct loading of a SmartPlaylist with the mentioned problems in iOS 11 all I can offer at the moment is this (and even this took a lot of trial and error):
  • Stop playback
  • Set the previously playing song for playback at position 00:00 (but not play it, because this would be a terrible experience when the song was playing before)
Sometimes even this fails and iOS insists on playing the first song in the list!

Friday, March 30, 2018

SmartPlaylist and iOS 11.3

iOS 11.3 has fortunately corrected some of the iOS 11 problems described in previous posts.

But is has also introduced the following problems in the music player:

  • The current playback rate can no longer be used and changed. This means SmartPlaylist can no longer slow down or speed up the playback (Playback options: Tempo +/- 0.2). This feature will therefore be removed in the next version of SmartPlaylist  until it works again. But I doubt this will ever come back, just like the "shuffle by album" feature has not come back (see here)
  • The previous playback position is (sometimes) ignored when starting to play a song after having reloaded the list. Luckily there is a hack which should make this work again in the next version of SmartPlaylist. (UPDATE: Fixed in SmartPlaylist v11.1.2)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Save/restore search rules of ALL playlists (A-Z) to/from iCloud

With the new version v11.1.0 of SmartPlaylist you can now save the search rules of ALL playlists (A-Z) to iCloud and restore the search rules of ALL playlists (A-Z) from iCloud with one command, respectively:

In this example with SmartPlaylist B all commands starting with "B: ..." will be applied only to playlist B. The two commands for "A-Z" (marked orange) will process all playlists A-Z.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

More iOS 11 problems

I experience three types of problems with SmartPlaylist in iOS 11 (since 11.2):
  1. The app as a whole, like many other apps as well, is very often restarted after having used another app. Before you used to be back in SmartPlaylist where/how you had left it.
  2. Loading titles and saving the playlist now takes much longer than before.
  3. The user interface freezes up to 8 seconds (!) when you press on another song to play or even just pause/play a song. This has been reported by other developers in the Apple developer forum as well - but no fix from Apple yet ...

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

iOS 11: Problems with play count / last played, rating not syncing

Some users observe that when they have played a song in SmartPlaylist the play count / last played date are not updated. Some also say that the rating they do in SmartPlaylist is not synced to iTunes.

In all these cases it is iOS 11 which causes those problems. It is the Music app in the background which sets (or should set ...) the play count and last played date. But sometimes this does just not happen. SmartPlaylist can only read the values from the Music app. Also, if the rating does not sync to iTunes, it is a iOS 11 problem, since SmartPlaylist has nothing to do with the syncing process.

Personally, I had the play count and last played date problems only at the very beginning of iOS 11. After a while it got okay again, but I don't know when/why exactly. Make sure you update to the latest version of iOS 11.