Monday, June 12, 2017

Search with Safari from SmartPlaylist (v10.3.1)

"Search with Safari ..." proposes different search terms based on composer, title, artist, etc. which then are passed to Safari to search the Web (using your default search engine). One of the terms is for example "Lyrics <title>, <artist>" to quickly search for the lyrics of a song.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Search in iTunes Store from SmartPlaylist (v10.3)

Similar to "Load all titles with same ..." you can now use "Search in iTunes Store ..."

to get a list of search terms from the genre, composer, artist, artist/genre, album, album/artist, title and title/artist of the selected song. The one you pick will be sent to the iTunes Store app on your device, ...

where it is automatically used to search and show the results:

You can easily go back to SmartPlaylist (upper left) and redo it with a different search term.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Small update (v10.2)

This update of SmartPlaylist lets you easily rate the app itself after you use "Rate this title ..." in the detail view:

This is an Apple component (SKStoreReviewController). I hope it will not annoy you but rather make you give a high rating ... (thanks!)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rating songs in iOS 10? Yes, with SmartPlaylist v10.1

The latest Music app no longer offers a way to see or modify the song rating (0-5), which is so important to many of us.

UPDATE: With SmartPlaylist v10.1 you can rate songs directly in SmartPlaylist and it syncs back to iTunes. (Like this you can also rate songs which are not playing at the moment)

iOS 10 Music app and iTunes syncing woes

It seems to get worse and worse ...

With the latest iTunes 12.5.3 not all lyrics (which now are marked as "custom lyrics") are synced to the iPhone. Many are, some are not ...

Some songs spontaneously got the lyrics "{{instrumental}}" ... ??? ...

Un-ticking a song used to delete it from the iPhone with the next sync (with the corresponding option set to true) -- but that does not happen any more, all songs seem to stay on the device ...

(I do not use Apple Music, nor iTunes Match)