September 22, 2021

Enlarge artwork to copy the cover text (iOS 15)

With SmartPlaylist you can enlarge the cover artwork to large and full screen size - This makes it easier to use a nice new iOS 15 feature: Text recognition.

How to do it:

1. Enlarge and position the artwork in SmartPlaylist

2. Take a screenshot and open it right away

3. Crop the screenshot to the text, if needed

4. Tap the text recognition icon [=]

5. Select and copy the text you want

6. Paste the text to the app you want

See also How to bring the beautiful cover artwork to the front (wallpaper)

December 21, 2020

iOS 14.3 slows down search -- fixed in iOS 15

Installed iOS 14.3, now "Load list" takes ten times as long as before.

The problem is caused by some new bug in iOS:

[SDKPlayback] SYNC-WATCHDOG-1: Attempting to wake up the remote process

[SDKPlayback] SYNC-WATCHDOG-2: Tearing down connection

UPDATE: With iOS 15 the problem is gone.

September 07, 2020

Save result list from SmartPlaylist as normal playlist

Yes, finally, after ten years, I have found out how to save the result list from SmartPlaylist as a normal (non-smart) playlist in Music. There, you can rename it, play it, reorder titles, edit it, sync it, delete it.

You will get this feature with v13.2, in the list view options (upper right corner).

Each time you tap "Save as Music playlist" a new playlist is created with the (same) name (e.g.) "SmartPlaylist X - Name of your list" and description "Created: date/time".

March 25, 2020

Broken by iOS 13.4

UPDATE: Fixed with SmartPlaylist v13.1.3.

Dear SmartPlaylist users

iOS 13.4 breaks the mechanism for loading a new list (back to Problems continue with iOS 11.4 ...).

I will try to find a solution.

September 25, 2019

SmartPlaylist v13 dark mode

Soon SmartPlaylist v13 for iOS 13(.1) will be ready. Here is how it will look in dark mode:

Search criteria and rules (active rules are marked in purple):

Note here:

  • The music browser/navigator Genre>Composer>Artist>Title ... (remember: navigation levels can be configured) is now opened by tapping the text/row and no longer with "(i)".
  • Rating is now a "normal" numeric field, so you can enter e.g. "<3", "=2-4", "=4,3,0", ">2".

The result list (songs with 5 stars are marked in purple, according to the quick search):

The detail view:

The settings page: