Saturday, June 19, 2010

Next version: v4.0 - only for iOS 4

The next version number of SmartPlaylist will jump from v2.8 to v4.0 to make clear that it is only for iOS 4 and NOT for iPhone OS 3.x - so don't upgrade to v4.0 unless you have updated your iPhone or iPod Touch to iOS 4 (to be released on 21. June 2010).

New feature: Yet more info about songs: skipCount, disc #, track #, releaseDate, albumArtist, isCompilation and comments.

For later versions it is planned to offer searching in comments (e.g. comments contain "wild!") and filtering by release date (e.g. release date before / in / after "1974").

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quit before sync with iOS 4

As mentioned in the help section of SmartPlaylist, you should quit SmartPlaylist before syncing your device.
With the new iOS 4, "to quit" means to really shut it down, not just hide it in the background (new "multitasking" ...).
1. Press your home button to close/hide SmartPlaylist
2. Double-tapp the home button
3. Press your finger on the SmartPlaylist icon in the bottom, until the "Quit"-badge appears
4. Tapp on the "Quit"-badge
 --> Now it is really closed.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Updating Library ...

When you sync your device or when you change the language on your device (say from French to English), the iPod library gets updated and reorganized. When you open the iPod app during this time, you will see:

While the iPod library is being updated, do not use SmartPlaylist - it won't work!