Monday, July 19, 2010

Some reviews from around the world

Best music iphone app ever!  *****
I can't understand why this isn't the most popular iphone music app ever, its absolutely awesome. Its by far the best music application I've ever used. So many of the smart playlists that you used to have to create on the computer can now be made, changed and updated whenever you want, directly on your iphone or ito. This app has allowed me to access my music collection in so many great ways!
(from the App Store Australia)

This is now my defacto Player  *****
First thing first: This is my defacto playlist creator as well as player and here is why. After trying out multiple apps to create playlists on-the-go from within iPod Touch/iPhone over many months, I think this playlist leapfrogs ahead of all, if you want to spend less time in creating playlists and more time listening to music. If you love Smart Playlists in iTunes – as opposed to static ones, this perhaps is the ONLY app that comes close to what iTunes could do. Of course, no playlist app could replicate iTunes’ playlist creating prowess because the rich track information available in iTunes is not transferred to iPhone during the sync process.
(from the App Store Canada)

Feines Programm  *****
Der Beschreibung braucht man nichts hinzuzufügen. Ohne viel Aufwand lassen sich Spiellisten in unterschiedlichsten Varianten zusammen"basteln". Zudem liefert das Programm Daten und Infos ins iPhone, die sonst allenfalls auf dem Mac zur Verfügung stehen.
(from the App Store Germany)

And now a review from somebody who was rather lost:

Mauvais (Bad) *
Ne fonctionne pas du tout (Does not work at all)
(from the App Store France)

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