Saturday, December 18, 2010

Problems with iOS 4.2.1

With iOS 4.2.1 comments are no longer visible!

So, you will not be able to search or sort by comments in SmartPlaylist, since all comments are now "missing" on the device.

I have reported this bug to Apple. (This now makes 10 open bugs I have reported to Apple. Instead of fixing them, they add more bugs ...)

Here's my balance:

Used to work with iOS 4.1, but no longer work with 4.2.1:

  • DiscNumber, DiscCount
  • Comments
  • BeatsPerMinute

Never worked:

  • UserGrouping

Doesn't work properly:

  • ReleaseDate (does not seem to work for dates before 2000)
  • Lyrics (works only if the lyrics were displayed in iPod music app before)
  • LastPlayedDate (wrong time zone when set on device, is shifted when syncing)


  1. Iphone is an amazing invetion from apple.Its has many flaws and drabacks too.Apple should consider those things.It doesnt have bluetooth working with other phones even.I was shopping for iphone on online shopping when i came acros with different blogs.Do check it out for many other products.Iphone and blackberry phones are both the same.Blackberry comes with many new feature while iphone lacks sum functions.Iphone is brilliat in touch screen while other phones lack that capability.Iphone application are soo many that one can have the benefit ov it while blackberry lacks that option.

  2. I'm having a bit of trouble with the latest version... I LOVE the new features, but my app is crashing fairly regularly. I generate a list, then while scrolling through the list, it crashes to my home screen. I noticed it kept crashing in the same place on 1 list, so I tapped a song and went into detail view, advancing song by song... when I got to the point it was crashing, it was a song with missing artwork. So, for some reason, sometimes when I scroll a missing artwork track onto the screen the app crashes!!

    I really hope you can look into this and fix it, as I can hardly use the app right now... it feels very fragile!

  3. This should be fixed with v4.9 (coming soon).