Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Many more features in the future

Which of the following enhancements do you need most in SmartPlaylist?

  1. Save rule-sets by name
  2. Export and import rule-sets (to store, edit, mail, etc.)
  3. Search in all text fields (artist, title, album, composer, comments, album artist, grouping) at the same time -- UPDATE: implemented in SmartPlaylist v7.1 (Quick search in list view)
  4. Sort by multiple criteria (e.g. 1. by playCount, 2. by lastPlayed) -- UPDATE: implemented in SmartPlaylist v5.1
  5. Search by grouping -- UPDATE: contained in SmartPlaylist v5.0
  6. Search in lyrics -- UPDATE: will be implemented in SmartPlaylist v5.3
  7. Filter by mediaType (only songs, only music videos, etc.)
  8. See all the playlists a song belongs to

Please leave a comment here or write to Support.SmartPlaylist@gmail.com.

And don't forget to write a (hopefully positive ;o) review in the App Store to encourage others to download SmartPlaylist. Thank you!!

New feature in v5.0: Add/remove individual songs (exceptions)

SmartPlaylist is rule-based, i.e. you get a set of songs according to the selection criteria (rules) you specify.

Well, now you can also add exceptions to the rules by adding or removing individual songs from one or multiple smart playlists:

In the playback control for the now playing title you can open an extra dialog where you can add ⊕ the now playing song to one or more lists (A, B, C, ...) or remove ⊖ the now playing song from one or more lists. Each list button cycles from "no exception" to "include" and "exclude", e.g. "A"→ "A⊕" → "A⊖" → "A".

In the above example the song "To Kutsavaki" is set to be excluded from list C and included in list F. When list F is reloaded, the selected song will be added to the result set and marked with "⊕":

These exceptions (includes /excludes) are only applied when the corresponding list is reloaded (with ).
They appear as a new "rule" which can be edited:

So, whenever you are listening to a special song you like, you can now simply add it to a playlist of your choice without having to adapt the rules of this list. Likewise, if you dislike a song, you can quickly mark it for delete and with the next reload it will be removed.

Any questions or suggestion? Please write to Support.SmartPlaylist@gmail.com