Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New feature in SmartPlaylist v5.1: Jump to "Now Playing" from anywhere

Playback control: Jump to "Now Playing" with the new blue button "➜". In the list view it will scroll to the now playing song (if the displayed list is actually the current playback queue).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New feature in SmartPlaylist v5.1: Sort by multiple criteria

All sorting functions have now been centralized into the "Mix" rules (formerly called "Limits"). Now you can choose a secondary and even a tertiary sorting criteria, if you wish.

In the above example all songs are first ordered by Artist (in ascending order). Then within the same artist the songs get sorted by rating (in descending order), then within the same rating they get sorted by their play count (again descending). In other words: Highest play count per highest rating first for each artist in the list.
This should satisfy all your sorting needs.

Note: Albums are always sorted by track # (unless you specify another sorting criteria).
Deleting the first sorting will give you a different random mix with each search.

Remember: Some handy hidden functions

If you have studied this blog and read all release notes, then you should already be familiar with these tricks:
  1. In all list views (in all apps, by the way): Tap on the status bar at the very top of the screen (e.g. on the time) to scroll to the top of the list.
  2. On the main rules screen of SmartPlaylist: Tap on "X: N rules" (e.g. "A: 3 rules") at the very bottom to show / hide inactive rules (same as "Show only active rules" / "Show all rules" in the tools menu "")
  3. In SmartPlaylist's result list: Tap on "SmartPlaylist X: N" (e.g. "SmartPlaylist B: 39") at the top of the list to refresh the display of play count and last played (or the rating, after having changed it in the built-in music app) -- in most cases this happens automatically, but with this trick you can enforce screen refresh.
  4. On the "Now Playing" screen: Tap on the time already played on the left or on the time remaining on the right of the playback time slider to pause / play the current song.
So now you know.