Saturday, June 2, 2012

v5.9: New features

Some more options for the list view:

  1. Show the row number (#1, #2, #3, ...)
  2. Show "Duration / Time to play": For the song now playing it shows how much time is left to play (e.g. 17 seconds in the example below)
  3. Make the first line with normal text and the second line with bold text (or both bold, if you wish)
  4. The option to show/hide the artwork is now separate from the row height option (S, M, L), meaning you can now also have large rows without artwork
  5. The row height and the show/hide artwork can now be changed/toggled both with the pinch/spread gesture, using 2 fingers: "Pinch" reduces the row height (L > M > S) and toggles show/hide artwork at the smalles height (S). "Spread" increases the the row height and again toggles show/hide artwork at the maximum height (L)

To start playing any song in the list or to play/pause the one playing (blue), just press on the row for half a second. Before, you had to tap on the artwork image, but the new method (long press) also works when you don't want to see the artwork.
In the detail view (single song) you can now also press on the artwork for half a second to start playing the selected title or to play/pause it, if it is already the now playing item. (Tap/double tap and pinch/spread still work to enlarge the artwork).
The greatest new feature is the "⇉ Show all titles with same ...", described in the previous post.