Saturday, October 27, 2012

Select text size behaviour for list with v6.1

With the next version v6.1 of SmartPlaylist you can now choose:
  • Use always the small text size (as before) to see as much text as possible ("min.")  -- This is the default setting for the iPhone / iPod Touch
  • Adapt/optimise the text font to get a bigger text size, but only if the text is not truncated ("optim.") -- This will result in a small size for long texts and a large size for short texts
  • Always use a large text size ("max.") -- This is now the default setting for the iPad
The actual text size changes according to
  • portrait / landscape mode
  • row height S / M / L (which can be changed directly in the list view by using the 2-finger "pinch / spread" gesture)
With the smallest row height ("S") there is no difference between the 3 text size settings.

Example iPad with "max.":

Example iPhone with "optim.":

Unfortunately, "optim." needs quite some computer power, so it can at first slow down the scrolling on older devices.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Problem on iPhone 5 -- fixed

Currently (with v6.0 of SmartPlaylist) there is a problem on the iPhone 5: The toolbar at the bottom does not respond. This happens only on the iPhone 5 (taller screen) and only in portrait mode. In landscape mode it works fine also on the iPhone 5.

The fix will be out in about a week, hopefully.

UPDATE: Fix with version v6.0.1 is out now.