Wednesday, February 27, 2013

iTunes 11 bug: Play count gone

Don't like iTunes 11. Apart from the unasked-for GUI revision, which made some features just disappear  (I mean, Apple knows what we want, so they don't have to ask, do they), it also brought some bugs.
The latest bug I observe is that the play count ("Plays") for some songs just disappears, i.e. the last played date is still there, but there is no play count anymore. Sometimes it's 17 songs without play count, then again there are 92 titles where the play count has just gone.
Maybe this happens when I sync, I don't know.
I have reported this bug to Apple. Please do the same ( if you also have this very annoying problem.

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  1. Another bug in iTunes 11 I have just discovered:
    I downloaded 3 Baroque lute titles from iTunes and found that their genre was "New Age" -- this, of course, is stupidly wrong for Baroque classical music. So, I changed the genre directly in the list view, later also in the information view (command-i) - but each time I open the information again, the genre is set back to "New Age", even if I do not change anything and even if I say "Cancel".
    Now: Who told me to download from iTunes instead of Amazon???