Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NOT 100% compatible with iOS7

Beware: SmartPlaylist is NOT 100% compatible with iOS7 (thank you, Apple!). Currently, I don't have the motivation to invest hours and days again, just to make it work as before.
So, just stay with iOS6.

UPDATE: Be patient. I am now working on a new version adapted to iOS 7.

UPDATE2: I'm actually quite happy now that I had to rework my app for iOS 7. Seeing an app still in the old iOS 6 style makes me shudder (so ugly).


  1. Many thanks for all the work you've put into SmartPlaylist. I've used it every day for years now, and couldn't imagine listening to music without it now. I hope it's possible to make it work with the new OS, but I appreciate you've put in an enormous amount of work on the app with little monetary reward. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Ian

  2. I'm now working on a new version for iOS 7. Please be patient.

  3. Hi
    This app is really great but sadly I dislike iOS7 very much so I am still running iOS6.
    Does this mean you won´t or even can´t update this app for iOS6 any longer?

    There is one feature I have been thinking of, well not really a feature it's more like a better filter handling. I do not know how difficult it is to add this feature without making too many changes in your already filter opaion handling. Perhaps this is not the place to bring this up but I will be short...:

    I will in this example only use Genre and Comments, as they are in a different groupings and also to make my example short.

    I really like the idea that you can bring up a list for all available genres by tapping the + (plus sign) in the details section of its filter.
    Here is the twitch...
    Genre should be a prior rule where Comments should be a secondary rule.
    If a specific Genre is selected then going to the Comment filter details and pressing the + (plus) sign, only a list of available comments should appear. Not every comments from all music files.
    This can of course also apply to all the first nine filters (composer, grouping,artist,album etc...)

    This would be great in practical use. I can in the next comment if you like to, or in another section where we can post feedback suggestions, make a few practical examples.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Danny

      Thank you very much for your suggestions!

      I can only maintain 1 version in the App Store and that is the latest one for iOS 7.

      This sort of hierarchical search (primary rule, secondary rule, ...) is already implemented in the Music Browser with "Genre>Composer>Grouping>Artist>Album>Title". At the moment I do not plan to extend this.

      Sorry about the negative answers. Please do not hesitate to send in more suggestions via mail. Maybe I can implement some other feature for you.