Saturday, December 7, 2013

New feature: Search and sort by Date Added

So finally, you can search and sort by Date Added in SmartPlaylist v7.1 (should be out before Christmas).

Search with the rule "Added":

Mix and sort with "Added":

Look up "Added":

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Also coming: Search by Date Added !!!

Seems like there now is a way to get a song's Date Added! Will offer this as a rule (Added x days/weeks/months/years ago).


New feature: Quick Search in list

The next version of SmartPlaylist (v7.1) will feature a quick search in the list view similar to the one in iTunes:

SmartPlaylist searches the following text fields: genre, composer, grouping, artist album-artist, album-name, title and comments.
It also uses the given amount of "*" to filter by minimum rating.
In the above example the original list W was filtered with "alasd ***", leaving 44 songs (out of the complete list) with at least 3 stars and with "alasd" in one of the text fields.

Another example: "boar key" will find songs with "Keyboard" in the title or album-name, etc.

In SmartPlaylist's help (Menu > Help) you can learn about some additional features:
If only 1 specific text field should be used for the search, prefix "G:" (genre), „C:“ (composer), „GR:“ (grouping), „A:“ (artist), "AA:“ (album-artist), "AT:" (album-title), "T:" (title) or „CM:" (comments).
Example: "G:jaz ***" gets all items with a rating of at least 3, whose genre contains "jaz".

By the way: You can now load all your songs with "Load" without entering any rules (before there was a message "Please enter search rules").