Saturday, November 1, 2014

New version for iOS 8 / iPad, iPhone 6 plus

The next version of SmartPlaylist will be called v8.0, as it will only support iOS 8.0 or higher. It will support the iPhone 6 plus and eliminate some bugs on the iPad.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

SmartPlaylist for iOS 8

Seems like this time I don't have to adapt a lot for SmartPlaylist to work with the new iOS 8. So, the update should be ready soon.
UPDATE: Released as v7.3.2 on 24.09.2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hint: Settings for MusicBrowser also determine if pick list can be used

In the settings you can configure which element hierarchy you want to browse in SmartPlaylist's  Music Browser (Menu > Settings, then scroll to the bottom to "MusicBrowser: Show / hide:").

At the moment these settings are also applied in the rule details for Composer, Grouping, Artist, Album and Title. So, if you have deactivated Composer and Grouping as in the example above, you will not be able to pick a composer or a grouping in the details for the Composer rule or Grouping rule, respectively, as the list will be empty.

So, at the moment (SmartPlaylist v7.3.1) you have to activate all levels in the Music Browser in order to use all the pick lists for Composer, Grouping, Artist, Album and Title.
(This was done to minimise waiting time to build the pick lists. But the new iPhones / iPads are now so fast that this is not required anymore.)

In the next version of SmartPlaylist this will no longer be necessary and you can configure the Music Browser as you want and still be able to pick Composer, Grouping, Artist, Album and Title.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

SmartPlaylist 7.3

Additional features in "Search" (quick search):
  • "❲Filter❳": Apply the quick search to the current list. Only the matching titles remain in the list. The results are loaded into the playback queue of the Music player (playback is very briefly interrupted).
  • "Mark": The matching titles are marked in yellow. The list and the playback queue remain the same, the playback is not interrupted.
  • "Search next ⇣": Scrolls to the next matching title. Back in the list you can jump to the next directly using "Next".
  • "Reset": Back to the original, unfiltered list (also removes highlights)
(Here shown without the keyboard, which usually is always displayed)

Additional quick search criteria:
  • Quick search by play count: Add for example „>10x“ (= played more than 10 times).
  • Quick search by last played: Use for example „<10d“ (= played less than 10 days ago). „d“ = days, „w“ = weeks, „m“ = months, „y“ = years. [1]
  • Quick search by rating: Instead of minimum number of *, use for example „=4*“ („***“ is the same as „>2*“).

  1. Load list "A" without any search rules. Now you have all titles in the list.
  2. Filter "A" with quick search "class". Now you only see your Classical titles (depends on your titles, of course)
  3. Filter "❲A❳" with "bach". Now you only have Classical titles by Bach. You could use "C:bach" to only search by Composer, instead of searching all tags (artist, title, etc.)
  4. Enter quick search "****" and tap "Mark". Now all Classical titles by Bach with 4 stars or more are marked in yellow.
  5. "Search next ⇣  for "sarab" will scroll to the next "Sarabande" in your list (highlighted in orange). Titles with 4 or 5 stars are still marked in yellow. Now you can use "Next" to jump to the next and so on.

[1] Auf Deutsch: „T“ = Tage, „W“ = Wochen, „M“ = Monaten, „J“ = Jahre.
      En fran├žais: „j“ = jours, „s“ = semaines, „m“ = mois, „a“ = ans.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

SmartPlaylist 7.2

New rules: Last skipped, Is part of a compilation:

You must activate these new rules in Menu > Settings:

More space for artwork and info in list view (iPod / iPhone):

Detail view:

  • Colours for rating, play count and last played corresponding to the indicators on the right side in the list view.
  • Labels to better identify Added, Played, Skipped and Released info.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Additional search rules: is compilation, last skipped

With the next version of SmartPlaylist (v7.2) you will get two additional search rules:

  1. Last skipped: How many days / weeks / months / years ago (<, = , >)
  2. Is in a compilation: All / Is not in a compilation / Is in a compilation.