Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New feature: Pause after each song (play stop queue)

In the next version of SmartPlaylist you will find the new playback option "Pause after each song".

When this option is set, SmartPlaylist will stop (pause) playback once a song has finished playing and the next song will be ready for playback -- just press on it to play ("force touch" ;o).
You have to set this option each time you start SmartPlaylist. If it is set, you will see "P" next to "Options".


  • This feature only works when SmartPlaylist is running in the foreground. It will not work if SmartPlaylist is in the background or if the device is turned off (locked).
  • To prevent screen-lock just in SmartPlaylist, you can turn off "Auto-Lock" in Menu > Settings > General options:

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