Friday, September 25, 2015

SmartPlaylist iOS 9: French / German logical operators not working

UPDATE: Fixed in v9.0
In SmartPlaylist in iOS 9 the logical operators in French (" OU ", " ET ", "PAS ", " MAIS PAS ") and German  (" ODER ", " UND ", "NICHT", " ABER NICHT ") are not working, the result set is always empty,

Workaround: Use the English operators " OR ", " AND ", "NOT ", " BUT NOT " / " AND NOT ".

Solution: The next version of SmartPlaylist will fix this bug.


  1. Ah, I just found this out myself today. It's annoying especially because the GUI always inserts these localized logical operators. I'm looking forward to the update!

    PS: Any chance to implement album artists into the new version, too? This would make working with my library much easier. :-)

  2. Album artist can already now be used with the quick filter / search within the list view.

  3. I also hope to use album artist in the main sorts (from genre to album) and the mix's sort. =)

  4. Would you like to use Album Artist instead of Artist or in addition to Artist? Would this differ from one list to another or would this be a overall setting (like "Use Album Artist instead of Artist")?

  5. I have the same wish as... the guy above me. For me, an overall setting would do the job greatly. There might be some very special occasions for both of them, but with my library, nearly every search/browse I can imagine at the moment should be possible using album artist, or combining artist and composer. If you need both, you still have the possibility of quick search/filter.

    BTW, the localization bug actually seems to be fixed in v.9.0.0, thanks. But at least on my iPhone 6 and iOS 9.0.2 I now have some random page reloads... not dramatic, but especially when I type something into the mask, it's annoying because the keyboard disappears nearly after every character, and I have to reactivate the field I want to type in. Any ideas what could be the problem here or has anybody else this problem?

    Thanks for your continued support, since the new music app, I rely nearly completely on SmartPlaylist!

  6. Ok, ok, I will do something about searching by Album Artist.

    I have no idea what could cause the problem described by you, but not experienced by me (iPhone 6 plus with iOS 9.0.2).