Sunday, June 5, 2016

Some more afterthoughts ...

Thought I could improve (change, anyway) a few things in SmartPlaylist for the next version 9.4:

Now there are 26 smart playlists (SmartPlaylist A-Z) at your disposition:

  • Open list overview with all 26 SmartPlaylists to pick from ("≔")
  • Jump back to the now playing SmartPlaylist ("▷")
  • Scroll up/down to previous/next SmartPlaylist ("^" / "v")

All 26 smart playlists can be used in the list operations Add / Subtract / Intersect (Was called "Fusion" before - Please re-define your operations with the new pick-list)

There is now a play button in the Detail view (long press for play/pause still works). "Add./Rem." and "Same" now appear in the info list.