Sunday, June 4, 2017

Search in iTunes Store from SmartPlaylist (v10.3)

Similar to "Load all titles with same ..." you can now use "Search in iTunes Store ..."

to get a list of search terms from the genre, composer, artist, artist/genre, album, album/artist, title and title/artist of the selected song. The one you pick will be sent to the iTunes Store app on your device, ...

where it is automatically used to search and show the results:

You can easily go back to SmartPlaylist (upper left) and redo it with a different search term.


  1. Crashes every time I do Load Titles. using latest iOS on iphoneSE

    1. Sorry to hear that. Have you already rebooted your iPhone? If this doesn't help, please try to use different search rules to get no songs or only one song, etc. Maybe the problem is with some of the titles you have in your library. Deleting all your songs on the iPhone and then syncing them back might also help. Please report back to me on