Some reviews of SmartPlaylist from around the world:
(I collect my "trophies" here because they sometimes disappear from the App Store. Plus, here you can see reviews from different App Store countries.)

Funktioniert ★★★★★
by chainsaw jimi – May 27, 2018
(Version v11.1.2)

A must have ★★★★★
by TWCrew – Mar 27, 2018
The best way to shuffle your playlists and actually get to hear all your songs, not just the ones Apple keeps repeating while ignoring the later songs on your playlists.
(Version v11.1.1)

Lässt keine Wünsch offen ★★★★★
by Wolfgang Mayer – Feb 24, 2018
Die Auswahl- und Sortierkriterien lassen einfach keine Wünsche offen.
Für riesige Mediatheken, wie bei mir, einfach unschlagbar.
(Version v11.0.1)

L’applicazione che cercavo da tempo! Sono commosso ★★★★★
by – Oct 30, 2017
Applicazione maniera semplice, permette di creare delle playlist anche abbastanza complesse senza usare iTunes. Occorre italiana, e la possibilità operatori logici Anche per il campo anno. In Ogni caso consigliata assolutamente
(Version 11.0.1)
Developer Response - Nov 3, 2017
Hello and thank you for your review! You can activate the search rule "Year" in Menu > Settings > Show/Hide Rules (if that is what you are missing).

Essential if you have to listen to a big music collection ★★★★★
by D_or 2000 – Jul 15, 2017
Thanks for the app! It replicates the functioning of smart play lists on desktop 's iTunes. The way I use it most: - I use play counts to keep track of what I've listened from the music on iPhone. So if I transfer 100 tracks to iPhone with a play count of 0, I create a smart play list that only includes tracks with 0 play count. Which means that each time I listen to a song, it will exit the list. With the normal random you end up listening several times to the same song and never know which are the tracks that never come up. - on certain playlists I limit to 3 songs from same album. It gives more variety and at the time you have a better feel of the album than with the normal random that switches album after playing only one track. - finally you can rate the song, which means that when listening to new music I can separate within the app what I am going to keep from what I will delete. Conclusion: SmartPlayList helps me listen to a growing collection of more than 35000 songs, all of which I listen over a period of 4 years.
(Version 10.3.1)

Some changes to make it better ;) ★★★
by dmode62 – Jul 9, 2017
Hello daenu. I've bought you app and it's great but i have some things to make it better. The player is so poor... Do it "SoundCloud" like style and it looks perfect, man! The year of the album/song doesnt appear in the results search! Can you implement it? :)) The interface is so confuse, so old... we are in 2017 haha I suppose these are "very difficult" changes, but with these changes it looks good!!! Thanks for you attention! Good luck!!!
(Version 10.3.1)
Developer Response - Jul 21, 2017
Hello and thank you for your review. You can activate the search rule "Year" in Menu > Settings > Show/Hide Rules. As to the interface look: It is all a matter of taste. I intend to keep the interface very minimalistic.

Unica inimitabile insostituibile ★★★★★
by Deluso da i tunes – Jun 11, 2017
L'unica vera app che ti permette di gestire la musica su iphone ....10 e lode !!!! Unico vero rimedio a (quasi) tutte le disfunzioni di i tunes !!!!
(Version 10.3)


Smart playlists on your iDevice ★★★★★
by T-----------------r – May 26, 2017
I have been using this through several releases. This is a great app if you like to create smart playlists based upon things such as star rating or last played date (as I do). You can also tell a smart playlist to also include or exclude the contents of another smart playlist. This is very hand for creating complex queries to generate mixes based upon many conditions. With iTunes deprecating the star rating, this is a must have for me.
(Version 10.1.1)

Excellent app, although needs a little polish ★★★★
by J-----J. – Apr 6, 2017
I really love how much granular control Smart Playlist give you over creation of playlists. I've got a pretty extensive library and the ability to define playlists on the fly using pretty much any bit of metadata stored about any song in my iTunes library as a criterion has been great for parties. Having said that, the user interface is a little overwhelming and cryptic and could use a little polish (although I am not sure what I would recommend). But in general, if you like to create playlists on any criteria without having to go into iTunes, Smart Playlist is a great app to consider!
(Version 10.1.1)

Fantastic! ★★★★★
by T---------7 – Nov 23, 2016 every way possible, other than being able to quickly indicate a favorite song (such as with Apple's restricted Love rating). Explore how you can use this app for a week, and you'll come to love how you can manipulate your music library on the go.
(Version 10.1)

merci pour cette app que je n'ai découvert malheureusement que récemment mais qui est vraiment devenue essentielles pour moi. J'ai une énorme collection de musique qui me prend bien 5 ans à écouter dans son entièreté (en écoutant tous les jours). Le seul moyen de faire cela c'est grâce aux listes intelligentes que malheureusement iOS Music ne sait pas utiliser... J'ai souffert toutes ces années à faire des listes ou il fallait que je retire les pistes une fois écoutées... Donc remerci !

Great app for displaying metadata of songs ★★★★★
by T---------------n - Nov 14, 2016 (Version 10.0)
This is a fantastic app. The playlist features are very nice, but this app sets itself apart from other similar utilities in the way that it extracts and displays metadata for songs in my library (play count, skip count, etc). By listing individual play counts for every song (and allowing me to sort on it), it allows me to easily see which songs I am playing the most, which songs within a given album get played the most, etc. There are a LOT of features within the app that allow you to customize how the songs get displayed and sorted. The developer has given the user a great deal of control here. The amount of customizability can seem a little overwhelming at first, but the default settings allow it to work right out of the box. And then playing with the settings and rules, you can do so much. One thing that is particularly cool is the ability to do multi-level sorts. For example, you can sort the songs by artist, and then within each artist sort by album, and within each album sort by play count! So great! Well done.

The features Apple Music should have ★★★★★
by o---b - Version 10.0 - Nov 12, 2016
It's ridiculous that Apple Music on iOS is so neutered. And that smart playlists in iTunes are so limited. This app completely solves these problems. Essential.

New Zealand:
Excellent ★★★★★
by c------e - Version 9.2.0 - Mar. 03, 2016
Best Smart Playlist generator I've found. Not the prettiest, but definitely the most functional. Very fast and still actively developed. Well worth the price.

Fantastic playlist generator ★★★★★
by Z----5 - Version 9.1- Feb. 16, 2016
I've been using this for years at this point, I think it was one of the first apps I downloaded for my iPod Touch. I use it mostly to generate random playlists of starred songs or from other larger playlists (ie. 80s music).

Great idea badly executed ★★★
by C------d - Version 9.1 - Jan. 2, 2016
This app has lots of unique features but is rather baffling to use. Took me a while to figure out how to start playing (long press) a playlist. Also why can't you create your own names for playlists? You can save only 6 lists that are named A to F.
I understand the criticism but would like to explain a few points here:

  • The basic player function play/pause are "hidden" as long press in order to have more space for the really important features in SmartPlaylist. You can always use the built in slide up Control Center for that or go to the Music player if you prefer this UI (use SmartPlaylist to generate the playlist, then use Music to play/pause etc.). Or you can use the lock screen when a song is playing.
  • In landscape mode you have 11 "slots" in the list selector (not just 6): A-F and V-Z
  • I will stick to this simple list selector with "A", "B", etc., because it is so simple and quick to use - after all, SmartPlaylist is for on the go. Plus, for certain features (fusion, include/exclude) there must be a simple way to reference a list, otherwise the UI would explode.
  • I will offer a description field in the future where you can give your list "A", "B", etc. an optional title/description, if looking at the defined search rules is not meaningful enough for you (remember, you can always hide inactive rules with "All/Active")

very keen App for music management  ★★★★★
von C---------n - Version 9.1 - Nov. 3, 2015
Very clever App which enables you to find the music you want to hear now. With customised filters and sort function one always find back the music you want to listen to. Sometimes by name, sometimes by rating, sometimes you can’t remember the name of that song but you know you listened last Wednesday in the airport lobby. With this App, you find back your favourite music at the right time. It needs some UI optimisation (minor)
Please write to me what UI optimisations you wish to see.


Apple Take Note ★★★★★
von R------8 - Version - 8.1 - Jul 4, 2015
The application takes a little while to get used to the controls and you need to read the help documentation to really get the benefits of the app. But well worth the 15 minutes or so. The latest update to iTunes has completely decimated the Smart Playlist functionality (limited sorting options and Live Updating is clunky as hell). For me, this application saved my favorite feature of iTunes. What's even better is that you can use it straight from your devices and don't need to build a smart playlist on your computer. Only drawback is you cannot save playlists to the music player. That just proves that Apple needs to buy out this application and include this functionality with a future iOS update.

I Agree A little Clunkly But Great Once You Get the Hang Of It ★★★★★
von N----------t - Version - 8.0.2 - May 22, 2015
If you use the menu button in the lower left and the select help from the drop down list you will see the instructions for creating and playing the playlist you generate. It's awesome once you get the handle of it.
Thank you for your reply! In the App Store there is even a screenshot with these simple instructions ...
Not playing ★
von B------------y - Version - 8.0.2 - Mar 14, 2015
Well looks like an app for engineer with clunky user interface and i cant figure out how to play the playlist or save it. Completely worthless.

von j----j - Version - 8.0.2 - Mar 4, 2015
This is something I've been looking for for YEARS. I wish I had found it sooner. For anyone who has a large music library and uses the shuffle feature has probably noticed that your I-device seems to avoid large chunks of your collection. With this app you can easily tell the music app to play songs that haven't been played for a month.. 2 months.. for example. Include or exclude artists, genres.. limit by number of plays.. number of skips.. it's almost endless. Warning, though, this app is very advanced feature-wise so if you're not familiar with querying be sure to look at the documentation for help.

Holy Sweet Moses it's a miracle!! ★★★★★
von E---------m - Version - 8.0.2 - Feb 18, 2015
For years I've been miserable over the fact that I couldn't create smart playlists on my iPhone. If only I knew this app existed sooner!!! I'm shocked at what this app is capable of

Awesome App ★★★★★
von J-----X - Version - 8.0.1 - Jan 17, 2015
This app lets you control so many aspects of your music to make great playlists. Love the least/most played option and the songs per artist/album option. Great app, I highly recommend it.

Super Ergänzung für interne Musik-App... ★★★★★
von M----------r - Version - 8.0 - Dec 1, 2014
…weil sie vieles nachreicht, was die Apple-App (warum auch immer) nicht kann: Neben der Möglichkeit der präzisen Suche mit Regeln und in der Folge intelligenten Wiedergabelisten sind das auch ein konfigurierbarer Browser ähnlich dem in iTunes integrierten und sehr viel detailliertere Listen- und an Genauigkeit quasi unübertreffbare Detailansichten. Auch sehr durchdacht: Die Listen und Infos lassen sich problemlos browsen, während noch eine andere Playlist im Hintergrund läuft, ohne die Musik zu stoppen. Sehr freundlicher Support und regelmäßige Updates sind da fast schon selbstverständlich... Insbesondere für Nutzer mit großer Musikbibliothek (wie mich) sehr zu empfehlen!

Great ★★★★★
von m------t - Version - 7.3.2 - Oct 27, 2014
Perfect for making smart play lists on the go. Really enjoying using this.

Любые правила для прослушивания ★★★★★
by k----k - Version 7.3.1 - May 12, 2014
Спасибо. Великолепная программа. Необходимы обновления дизайна в плане скомпанованности и простоты.

Playlist ★★★★★
by m----------e - Version 7.2 - Mar 12, 2014
Ottima app per creare delle playlist in base a tantissime opzioni e dei filtri. Senza pubblicità! Perfetto!!

Poderoso ★★★★★
by P-------------m - Version 7.2 - Feb 6, 2014
A interface poderia ser mais bem feita, mas como esse programa é poderoso! Creio que não há sequer um programa que se aproxime do poder que esse tem de escolher músicas para tocar de uma vasta biblioteca.

Stürzt leider oft ab... Schade! ★
by T--------r - Version 7.2 - Jan 24, 2014
Ios7, ipad
Ja, schade. Schade auch, dass ich so nicht helfen kann. Wann/wie genau gibt es einen Absturz? Bitte bei technischen Problemen zuerst einmal per Mail den Support von SmartPlaylist kontaktieren.

How can I help, when a user with a technical problem just writes a negative review instead of describing the problem to the support of SmartPlaylist?

Simply Amazing!! ★★★★★
by d--------k - Version 7.2 - Jan 9, 2014
I love this app. It is soooo good!!!! I cannot say enough good things. The developer is awesome, regularly issues great updates and responds to feedback. A must-buy for any music enthusiast. 5+ stars!!

Great APP! ★★★★★
by r-----y - Version 7.0 - Oct 29, 2013
This app is so powerful. It lets you create smart “automatic" play lists on the fly based on a ton of different criteria. It even has the ability to playback audio files at different speeds. This comes in handy for college lectures. Great APP! Thanks!

Awesome App ★★★★★
by J-----X - Version 7.0 - Oct 22, 2013
This app lets you control so many aspects of your music to make great playlists. Love the least/most played option and the songs per artist/album option. Great app, I highly recommend it.

终于找到款能实现我查看当前播放曲目的作曲家之夙愿的app了!! ★★★★★
by iLureen - Version 6.3 - Aug 4, 2013

Awesome. Good for settings. ★★★★★
by A-----q - Version 6.2 - Apr 14, 2013
If you ever plan on playing story driven tabletop games, this is a great app (actually one I've wanted for years). If you're willing to take the time to set grouping tags in iTunes, you can use this app to create perfect playlists on the spot for any scenario.

Wow ★★★★★
by D---------l - Version 6.2 - Jan 22, 2013
This is amazing wow

Favorite ★★★★★
by k------u - Version 6.2 - Jan 10, 2013
Ver6.2 SSと詳細が最新のものではありませんが、グループ機能も使えるし 曲情報さえPCで入力しておけば端末でいつでもSPLが作成できます♪ 再生する時は純正のミュージックアプリを経由しているので、再生回数などの情報が反映されない心配はありません。 使ってて楽しいアプリです。

Excellent Music Sorter ★★★★★
by W----------y - Version 6.2 - Dec 10, 2012
Its like have iTunes Smart Playlist filter on the iPhone. Daniel always responds to emails listens suggestions. I use SmartPlaylist as my main playlist generator to try and sort through my massive library. Apple should hire this guy!

Muito bom!!! ★★★★★
by p------n - Version 6.1 - Dec 3, 2012
Excelente App.

Great concept but you can't filter on date added ★★★
by F----! - Version 6.1 - Dec 3, 2012
With every update from Apple I always hope this will be included in the default music app. These are exactly the functionalities I'm looking for. Only one substantial disadvantage: I cannot filter songs based on date added. Maybe this can be included someday? Few minor issues: * Some of the buttons don't respond well (too small?). For example the "play" button in the bottom right. * I don't understand the difference between "Load for playback" and "Show only".
It is technically impossible to filter by "date added", because this info is simply not available in iOS :-( UPDATE: With SmartPlaylist v7.1 (iOS 7) you can filter and sort by Date Added.
The problem with the bottom right button not responding was limited to iPhone 5 (portrait mode) and is now fixed/improved.
If e.g. list A is being played ("A▷"), then you can switch to another list (B, e.g.), select " Show only" and then load it (the 2 load buttons are now marked with *) -- A  will keep playing ("A"), while B is only displayed ("*B") -- you cannot play a song from a display-only list.

Easily the most powerful music app, needs UI tweaks ★★★★★
by A----r - Version 6.1 - Nov 28, 2012
No other music app lets you generate playlists with so much control, and then, switch gears to follow other avenues, like same album, genre, or composer. Thanks especially for the inclusion of composer, both in the list gen, and in the information pane! Digital audio files can contain an amazing amount of info, and most audio apps do not allow access to it (I'm looking at you Apple). Yes you can search by composer in some, but you can't see the name in play mode, and long titles are often cutoff. For that reason alone, this is really the only player for classical music listeners. Smartplaylist packs an enormous amount of control into the interface, but lacks an attractive look; "Groove 2" easily wins on style. If the developer could take a cue from apps like that, this would be the one to beat. I'd also like to be able to hide the left pane rules section, and be able to keep the player pane visible. In other words, separate the list gen from the play mode more. Thanks for finally making a player that lets me explore my music the way I want!

Absolutely Awesome ★★★★★
by M-----1 - Version 6.0 - Sep 22, 2012
I use this app all the time. It lets me make new playlists whenever I want, eg I can play my favorite songs by any particular band, or from any year or decade, that I haven't heard for ages, or any other combination of attributes. No other app lets me instantly make a list of "my favorite punk songs from 1977 that I haven't heard for 6 months, but excluding the Pistols"! Beat that apple! The designer is a genius.

Extremely valuable ! ★★★★★
by _~_._~_.__~_._ - Version 5.9.2 - Aug 27, 2012
It's well worth the time to learn the interface. It provides insight and focused access into large music collections. For example, you can list all highly-rated song,s in a genre, in order of least recently played (e.g. what good jazz tunes have I not played for a while). Lots of possibilities. Very nice.

Application très complète et très flexible ★★★★★
by O-------s - Version 5.9.2 - Aug 6, 2012
Cette application peut faire tout ce que faire iTunes sur PC ou Mac en matière de gestion de listes, directement sur l'iPhone. Elle offre une flexibilité totale non seulement dans les critères de sélection des pistes, mais aussi dans l'ordre d'affichage du résultat, et les informations affichées pour chaque titre. Je l'utilise pour sélectionner des titres selon à la fois leur genre, la fréquence de lecture et un temps minimum depuis la dernière lecture. Je classe les listes par albums, ce qui est très important pour moi car j'écoute notamment de la musique classique, pour laquelle il faut entendre les mouvements successifs dans le bon ordre. J'ai également affiché pour chaque titre juste les informations dont j'ai besoin, de façon à pouvoir tirer parti du petit écran de l'iPhone. Dans mon cas cela veut dire que j'ai enlevé le nom de l'artiste mais gardé le titre, l'album et les numéros de piste et de disque. Exactement tout ce que je cherchais ! Le seul bémol pour certains utilisateurs sera peut-être que l'interface de l'application est un peu technique. C'est peut-être la conséquence nécessaire de la flexibilité complète sur un si petit écran.

This user didn't quite get a grip -- I know that SmartPlaylist is not very intuitive to use, but I didn't know it was not "initiative" :o)
If you have a life, don't bother! ★
by C---------6 - Version 5.9 - Jul 8, 2012
I can't work out how to use this app. it's not in the least initiative and there are no instructions. Don't have time write emails to ask or spend hours with it. Waste of time and money 0 stars!

Worth at least 20 Dollars !! (En azindan 20 Dolar Eder!!) ★★★★★
by S--------n - Version 5.9 - Jul 4, 2012
Keep in mind one reason, and then ypu will see other ones... When you need play your artist's 5 star collection, but you want to listen fresh music (like added 1 week ago), also you need to listen only some moods like comfort, happy, etc... And you have some lists, maybe like 90's, but when you walking you just think about i just need listen 90's but genre must be only rock, plays must be 5 or greater, and etc. etc. ... This app doing this and hundreds of stuff like this, amazing.

Yolda giderken 90 lar listenizi dinlemeye koyuldunuz ama birdenbire icinden cikan agir parcalar modunuzu mu bozdu, evet yapmaniz gereken 90 lar listesi icinden muzik turune gore ayrim yapmak, ama bunu iphone ile yapmanizin imkani yok, her seferinde itunes ile liste olusturup o listelerin icinde kaybolmadan, istediginiz anda istediginiz kadar filtre, sanatci, sarki sozu, yildiz derecesi, eklendigi tarih, kac kez dinlendigi ve itunes da yapamayacaginiz daha fazlasi !!!

Feines Programm ★★★★★
by F-------m - Version 5.8 - May 14, 2012
Die Beschreibung ist ja ausführlich genug. Es klappt alles. So kann man sich ganz fix und trotzdem nach Lust und Laune (!) Playlisten zusammenbasteln. Auch das Browsen durch Genres, Interpreten, Alben und Titel macht die Sache reizvoll und abwechslungsreich – und die Playlist wird uneingeschränkt zum Wunschkonzert.

Finally! A smart music app! ★★★★★
by C---------------t - Version 5.8 - May 9, 2012
Honestly, I can't believe how lame the iPad music app is. After all of these years of great iTunes and iPod software, Apple really dropped the ball on the iPad's music app. Just how unsophisticated do they think iPad users are anyway? Ranting aside, I spent a considerable amount of time (and even a little money), searching for and trying out music apps. None of them were much better, until I found this one. I don't think I could create a more powerful playlist creation tool (than this one) if I wrote the program myself. This is a first-class, and extremely useful, app that I will recommend to everyone and continue to use for many years to come. Thank you (to the developer) for creating such a great music player!

Fantastic! - ★★★★★
by S---------y - Version 5.5 - Apr 1, 2012
I love smart playlists on my Mac and wanted an app where I could create smart playlists on the go. I use the comments field to tag all my music, so when I'm out I can create a playlist with music that includes those tags, rather than having to create smart playlists on my computer first.

Génial et pratique - ★★★★★
by B-----o - Version 5.5 - Mar 31, 2012
Très bien pour les gros possesseurs de musique.Cette appli permet de créer des listes de lecture intelligentes sans itunes. Très pratique quand on a comme moi une bibliothèque musicale très lourde. Au gré de ses besoins, il est possible de constituer des listes avec une quasi infinité de critères. J aime particulièrement constituer des listes en m aidant des notations (5* pour les morceaux incontournables, 4* pour les bons morceaux, 3* pour les moyens, 2* pour les morceaux buggés à remplacer, 1* pour les morceaux à supprimer) combiné a une dernière lecture supérieure a 1 an, cela permet de faire le ménage ou de redécouvrir des morceaux oubliés. Très facile d utilisation et constamment améliorée ( une fois par mois en général).

Most Valuable App in iOS devices - ★★★★★
by S--------r - Version 5.2 - Jan 20, 2012
Jan 2012: if there is one app that would prevent me from moving to non iOS devices, it would be this app. It can find and sort music much better than even iTunes. [...]

Great! - ★★★★★
by M----R. - Version 5.2 - Jan 10, 2012
Just a little example, when you need to filter songs you already listened, or play only the starred ones, this is the only tool you will need. Very "smart" indeed!

The best music ap ever! - ★★★★★
by M----1 - Version 5.1 - Nov 29, 2011
This is an absolutely amazing ap, that gives you extraordinary power over your music collection. Play all your favorite songs from your favorite band that you haven't heard for whatever period you select. Play songs ordered by artist, title, album, play count, time since last heard, etc, etc. This ap gives you so much control to play just the tracks you want, when you want them, in whatever order you want. There are a zillion music aps for iPods and iPads but this one has way more power then most, while remaining really simple to use. I use this ap as my default music player all of the time, and would dread to have to go back to the standard iPod music ap, or to many of the more gimmicky aps available. A big thanks to the developer for making such a wonderful product!

Amazing ★★★★★
by R-----2 - Version 5.1 - Dec 12, 2011
This app changed my music lifestyle.

South Africa: 
Awesome! - ★★★★★
by V--------1 - Version 5.0 - Oct 05, 2011
Brilliant app that overcomes the playlist shortcomings in the builtin iOS app. Regular updates and great service make this a must have app!

Einfach genial! - ★★★★★
by M----------e, Version 4.7 - Nov 28, 2010
Mit wenigen Fingertips komme ich zur genau der Auswahl der Songs, die ich will. Z. B. Mindesten 40 Tage nicht gehört, kein Blues und keine Klassik geht wunderbar zum joggen.