v11.1.2 - April 5, 2018
Adapted to changes in iOS 11.3:

  • the playback rate cannot be changed anymore to slow down or speed up the playback
  • the playback time cannot be set anymore (works now again with a workaround)

v11.1.1 - March 08, 2018
- Bug fix

v11.1.0 - March 07, 2018
- You can now save/restore the search rules of all smart playlists A-Z to/from iCloud with one command
- Minor fixes

v11.0.1 - October 08, 2017
- Again compatible with iOS 10 (and still with iOS 11)
- Minor bug fix

v11.0.0 - October 04, 2017
- Some little adaptations for iOS 11.

v10.3.2 - July 23, 2017
- Reloading a list will now also update (reload and save) all lists used in list operations (add / subtract / intersect)
- Cosmetic changes in result list: Generally larger text / less lines. Please use landscape mode to see longer titles etc.

v10.3.1 - June 14, 2017
- Search the web with Safari from the details view: genre, composer, artist, album, title, "Lyrics {title}", etc.

v10.3 - June 6, 2017
- Search in iTunes Store from the details view (genre, composer, artist, artist/genre, album, album/artist, title or title/artist)
- Less animations when "Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion" is activated

v10.2 - May 30, 2017
- Allows you to easily rate SmartPlaylist in the App Store, when you use "Rate this song ..." in the detail view (I hope it is not too annoying ...).
- Now also saves the playback position of the now playing song of a list when you quit SmartPlaylist.
- Minor improvements.

v10.1.1 - Jan 24, 2017
Custom URL scheme to start SmartPlaylist from browser or app launcher: SmartPlaylist://
 (works only in iOS).

v10.1 - Nov 14, 2016
Rate titles with 0-5 stars directly in SmartPlaylist.
Preserves and restores the app status in the background where/how you left it.


v10.0 -- Oct 27, 2016
Some adaptations to iOS 10.
Some bug fixes.

iOS 10: Make sure to allow SmartPlaylist access to your media library, otherwise it will not work. You should be prompted for this when you first start it. Otherwise you can go to the Settings app > SmartPlaylist and activate it there.

v9.4 -- June 7, 2016
Now there are 26 SmartPlaylists A-Z at your disposition. All 26 SmartPlaylists can be used in the list operations Add / Subtract / Intersect (was called "Fusion" before).
There is now a Play/Pause button in the Detail view (long-press for play/pause still works).
Some more minor changes and some bug fixes.

v9.3 -- April 16, 2016
- New: Save settings and search rules to iCloud and restore settings/rules from iCloud.
Settings/rules are first stored locally on the device (that is why is works so quickly) and then later synced to iCloud. So, even if you are not online or not logged in to iCloud you can backup/retore your settings/rules.
- New: Split-view on iPad (side-by-side with other apps).
-Some bug fixes.

v9.2 --March 2, 2016
- Add a name for each smart playlist A, B, C, ... which is then used in the list and detail views. It is stored together with the rules when you load the list. You can show or hide this in Menu > Settings, General Options.
- Search for media type: All (music and music videos), only music or only music videos. You can show or hide this rule in Menu > Settings, Show / hide rules
- Order the playlist by album artist (in Mix)
- Select only x titles per album artist (in Mix)
- Display album artist in the list view (Menu > Settings ...)

 v9.1 -- Nov 11, 2015
- Search by Album Artist (needs to be activated in Menu > Settings "Show / hide rules:" and "Music Browser: Show / hide:")

v9.0 -- Oct 7, 2015
- Adapted to iOS 9
- Some bug fixes
- Get rid of the badge on the SmartPlaylist icon by allowing SmartPlaylist to send notifications (which it will never do)

v8.1 -- June 30, 2015
- New playback option: Pause after each song (works only when SmartPlaylist is in the foreground)
- Indicate selected playback options on "Options" button (if there is enough space)

v8.0.2 -- Feb. 02, 2015
Bug fixes in list sorting.

v8.0.1 -- Jan. 12, 2015
Minor bug fixes for iPhone landscape mode.

v8.0 -- Nov. 02, 2014
Compatibility with iOS 8 for iPhone 6 plus and iPad.

v7.3.2 -- Sep 24, 2014
- Minor adaptations for iOS 8.

v7.3.1 -- Mar 26, 2014
- Minor bug fixes

v7.3 -- Mar 20, 2014
- Quick search with "❲Filter❳", "Mark" and "Search / Next" -- see here

v7.2 -- Jan 09, 2014
- New search rules: Is part of a compilation (Yes / No), last skipped x days/weeks/months/years ago. (Both rules need to be activated in the settings)
- Quicker quick search
- Some cosmetic changes
- Minor bug fixes

v7.1 -- Dec 13, 2013
- Search and sort by Date Added (how many days / weeks / months / years ago)
- Quick search in list view (see Menu > Help)

v7.0.2 -- Nov 24, 2013
Minor fixes and improvements.

v7.0.1 -- Nov 01, 2013
- Adaptation to iOS 7.0.3
- SmartPlaylist now keeps its own shuffle mode

v7.0 -- Oct 21, 2013
Adapted to iOS 7, new look:


v6.3 -- May 10, 2013
Slow down or speed up playback, without changing the pitch of the song. This feature is available in the Playback Control: Speed 0.5x, 0.8x, 1x, 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x.
Works only with iOS 6, though.

v6.2.1 -- Apr 15, 2013
Minor bug fix for iPad and minor feature improvement: Disc# is now displayed directly in detail view, if it is not "1/1"

v6.2 -- Dec 9, 2012

- Search & sort by skips
- Rating, plays & last played in list now in different colours

v6.1 -- Nov. 07 '12
Select text size behaviour in list view:
- "min.": Always small text size for maximum amount of text
- "optim.": small size for long texts, big size for short texts
- "max.": Always big text size (now default setting for iPad)
The actual text size changes according to
- portrait / landscape mode
- row height S / M / L (which can be changed directly in the list view by using the 2-finger "pinch / spread" gesture)
With the smallest row height (S) there is no difference between the 3 text size settings.

v6.0.1 -- October 16 '12
Fixed: Toolbar does not respond on iPhone 5 in portrait mode.

v6.0 -- September 21 '12
- New icon
- iPodTouch/iPhone: Landscape mode
- Compatible with iOS 6, iPhone 5
- Filter by iTunes Match/iCloud status (All / no ☁ / only ☁) -- only with iOS 6

(not really new, but now more consistent:)
Supported gestures in the list view:
● Press with 1 finger (half a second): Play the selected song or play/pause the song already playing (marked blue)
● Tap with 1 finger: Show details of selected song
● Pinch/spread with 2 fingers: Increase/decrease line height (S - M - L) and toggle display of artwork

Supported gestures in detail view:
● Press with 1 finger (half a second): Play the selected song or play/pause the song already playing (marked blue) -- this now works on the whole screen, not just with the artwork
● Tap with 1 finger: Show details of selected info
● Tap/double-tap with 1 finger on artwork: Enlarge/reduce artwork size (S - M - L)
● Pinch/spread artwork with 2 fingers: Same as tap/double-tap
● Swipe left/right with 2 fingers: Show next/previous title or play next/previous song, respectively

v5.9.2 -- July 20 '12
Some bug fixes:
  • Shuffle mode now OK again with iOS 5 
  • Display of Play/Pause now more reliable

v5.9.1 -- July 09 '12
  • Some minor corrections (e.g. sorting after fusion and limits)

v5.9 -- June 17 '12
  • Additional infos for list view: Row number, Time to play (counts down the time yet to play of the now playing song directly in the list) 
  • Option for row height: Small, Medium, Large
  • Option for artwork: Show / hide (so now you can also have large rows without artwork)
  • Row height / artwork can be adjusted / toggled directly in the list view using the pinch / spread gesture with 2 fingers -- just try it out
  • In list view: Press on row for half a second to play or pause/play this song (before: only with tap on artwork)
  • In detail view: Press on artwork to play/pause the now playing song or to start playing the selected song, respectively (just like in list view)
  • "⇉ Load all titles with same ..." Genre, Composer, Groupings, Artist or Album in a temporary list "T"

v5.8 -- April 24 '12
  • Design yourself what exactly you want to see in the list view 
  • Sort by Album now automatically sorts first by album, then by disc#, then by track# 
  • Fixed a bug where SmartPlaylist would not start on iPad with iOS less than 5.1
v5.7 -- April 13 '12
  • Settings: Hide steps in the MusicBrowser which you don't need (e.g. to turn "Genres➤Composers➤Groupings➤Artists➤Albums➤Titles" into just "Genres➤Artists➤Albums➤Titles") 
  • List view: Tap on cover artwork to play this song (as shortcut to "Play this" in detail view)

v5.6 -- April 3 '12
  • Hide rules which you never use (in Settings)

v5.5 -- March 27 '12
  • List options
  • Change artwork size in list with 2-finger "pinch" gesture

v5.4 -- March 12 '12
  • Simpler list view with 3 graphical playback indicators for rating (top), play count and last played (bottom) 
  • Enhanced detail view with swipe up/down to move down/up in list, keep pressing ▲ or ▼ to scroll quickly up/down in list, pinch to enlarge cover artwork

v5.3 -- February 03 '12
  • Search in lyrics (e.g. all songs containing "peace" in their lyrics).
  • Read and copy lyrics, look up definitions in lyrics.
  • The lyrics must be stored inside the song (you can do that in iTunes) --- SmartPlaylist will not look up lyrics for you in the internet.
  • This feature might not work for some songs (iTunes Match, DRM). 
  • Use "Empty cache after sync" () when you have synced changes to your MediaLibrary
  • Songs in the iTunes Match cloud and DRM-protected songs are now greyed in the list

v5.2 -- January 07 '12
  • Search and sort by Year.
  • Rewind / Fast-forward now always jumps 30 seconds

v5.1 -- November 28 '11
  • All sorting functions have now been centralized into the "Mix" rules (formerly called "Limits"). Now you can choose a secondary and even a tertiary sorting criteria, if you wish. Example: Sort by album (1.) and within each album sort by rating (2.) and within each rating group sort by play count (3.).
  • Playback control ("♬"): Jump to "Now Playing" with the new blue button "➜". In the list view it will scroll to the now playing song (if the displayed list is actually the current playback queue)

v5.0 -- October 4 '11
  • Compatible with iOS 5 (iOS 4.1 - 5.0)

  • Include (add) or exclude (remove) individual songs in the search results (as exceptions to the rules):

  • In the "♬ Playback" control just tap "⊕⊖" and select the smart playlist (A, B, C, D, E and/or F) to add or remove the song now playing.

  • Any song in a result list can be added to or removed from another list with "⊕⊖"

  • You can apply include/exclude to multiple playlists at the same time (the current list is underlined)

  • Songs that are marked for removal with "⊖" will be skipped for playback (but you can still use "Play this")

  • To actually add or remove songs you have to reload the list with ⏎

  • You can edit the included/excluded songs for each smart playlist

  • Include ("⊕") means: This song will be in the playlist even if it does not match the rules
 --- Note: If you apply limits like "only 25 songs in list", then an included song might not be in the list, because limits are "stronger" than includes (that's why "Limits" are at the bottom of the rules definition list, they are applied last).

  • Exclude ("⊖") means: With the next reload this song will be removed from the playlist. If you want to have it in the playlist again, you must edit the list of excluded songs for this playlist (and, of course, it must match the search rules)

  • Search by Groupings, also included in the hierarchical MusicBrowser (Genres ➤ Composers ➤ Groupings ➤ Artists ➤ Albums ➤ Titles)
  • In the Now Playing view you can now tap on the played time or the time yet to play in order to play/pause the song (not very elegant, but helpful ;o)
  • ⌘ Tools: "Clear rules / results" now actually deletes the playlist (before: only "Clear rules").
  • Other minor improvements

v4.12 -- June 30 '11
  • Until now you could only add / subtract / intersect the previous results with the new results within the same playlist. Now you can add / subtract / intersect any of the existing smart playlists. You can have a smart playlist just to fuse different lists into one (i.e. just fusion rules, no other rules), or you can mix the results of the rules with the results of other lists.
  • By simply tapping on "A", "B", "C", "D", "E" or "F" you cycle through the set operations "+" (union), "-" (minus) or "=" (intersection): e.g. "A" ➜ "+A" ➜ "-A" ➜ "=A" ➜ "A".
  • Adding is done first, then all subtractions are done, finally all intersections are executed.
  • Search and sort by BPM (beats per minute)
  • "◢" (ascending) and "◣" (descending) are now used as sorting indicators
  • Minor improvements

v4.11 -- May 24 '11
  • Browse your music library hierarchically by Genres ➤ Composers ➤ Artists ➤ Albums ➤ Titles to pick exactly what you want (similar to the Column Browser in iTunes):
  1. Pick the genre(s) you are interested in (1, several or all)
  2. Then pick the composer(s) within the selected genres - or skip to the next level
  3. Pick the artists you want to hear (limited to the previously selected genres/composers)
  4. Select their albums (again: 1, several or all)
  5. Pick the titles, now narrowed down according to the selected genres/composers/artists/albums
  • You can cancel or finish (OK⏎) browsing at any level (say, just to pick a few artists in a certain genre). The selected elements are then used as search rules and can be combined with additional rules like play count, rating, etc.
  • The browser lists can be filtered (also with * as wildcard), and you can see what has been selected and what not.
  • It also lets you pick songs without a genre, or without a composer, etc., with the new keyword "{none}".
  • In addition to the simple search operator "contains" you can now also search with wildcards when using "is like (?*)", where ? matches 1 character and * matches 0 or more characters. This search operator is also case-insensitive - Only the new "is equal to" for exact matches is case-sensitive (this one is used automatically with the new music library browser).
  • Should you ever need it, you can now group different " OR " and " AND " conditions with the special parentheses【 】, as provided by SmartPlaylist in the rule details.
  • Improved random sorting to get a different mix with each search.
  • Other minor improvements

v4.10 -- Mar 27 '11
With v4.10 you will have all playback controls in 1 place, accessible in every screen (rules, list, etc.):
  • Volume control
  • Shuffle none, Shuffle by title, Shuffle by album
  • Repeat none, Repeat now playing, Repeat list (all)
  • Skip to first / previous / next / last song in list
  • Play / Pause
  • Now playing: Artist and title
  • Playback position (time played / time to play)

v4.9 -- Feb 21 '11
  • Proper version for iPad
  • Minor improvements
  • Fixed crash with 0 pixel artwork

v4.8 -- Jan 05 '11
  • You can now tell SmartPlaylist to only take x titles per artist or per album from the result list, selected by the property and order you specify (e.g. only 3 titles per album selected by highest play count)
  • The result list can now be cropped to just x minutes or hours, or just to x titles, selected by the property and order you specify (e.g. only 30 minutes selected by least recently played)
  • Minor adjustments

v4.7 -- Nov 20 '10
  • Compatibility with iOS 4.2 (working around the new bugs in iOS 4.2)
  • Now runs on iPad with iOS 4.2 (no special iPad version, though)

v4.6 -- Nov 02 '10
  • Search by track number and by when released (how long ago)
  • Choose days / weeks / months / years for search by last played and released (how long ago)
  • Intersect the new search results with the existing list to get only the songs common to both playlists

v4.5 -- Oct 14 '10
  • Rule details: see search string in enlarged textbox, choose "contains ..." or "is ..." as search operators, add "OR", "AND", "NOT" or "BUT NOT" with the touch of a button, pick values from a list, set the sorting options
  • You can now use all search and sort options on comments
  • The ultimate flexibility: You can now add or subtract the new search results from the previous playlist! This allows you to build complex playlists step-by-step: add/subtract single titles or whole sets of titles.
  • Lists can now be loaded just for display (while the current playlist keeps on playing)

v4.4 -- Sep 04 '10
  • Faster scrolling in list when loading artwork covers for the first time
  • When sorting or shuffling by album, the titles within an album will now by sorted by track#
  • The time played and the time to play are now displayed to the left and right of the playback-time slider. The time played can now be set back or forward in increments of 1, 5, 10 or 30 seconds, according to how long you press on the rewind or fast forward button.

v4.3 -- Aug 03 '10
  • "Play this" is now also available in shuffle mode (shuffle by title or shuffle by album), so you can pick a particular song for playback. The "Play next" icon will shuffle as usual (in shuffle mode only, of course)
  • "Load from iPod" is now always available - as before, this function only makes sense when you have changed the playback queue in iPod and want to view it in SmartPlaylist's extended list display
  • New setting to turn off auto lock (useful when the device is docked in speakers and you always want to see what's playing)

v4.2 -- Jul 29 '10
  • SmartPlaylist now remembers the song last played in a playlist, so when you switch back to a playlist, you can continue where you left
  • Refresh the list view with a single tap to update play count, last played and rating (if it was changed in iPod)
  • Minor cosmetic changes

v4.1 -- Jul 13 '10
  • Search in comments (e.g. comments contain "wild!")
  • New layout of rules screen (to help users find the sorting/shuffle options)
  • Tool to show only active rules
  • Display of creation date, number of titles and sorting/shuffle per smart playlist
SmartPlaylist gets its modern look and layout


v4.0 -- Jun 26 '10
ATTENTION: This version is for iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod Touch only with iOS 4 installed (not with iPhone OS 3.x)!
  • Adaptions to iOS 4
  • Show additional info about a song: releaseDate, albumArtist, skipCount, disc #, track #, isCompilation, comments

v2.8 -- May 05 '10
  • Faster scrolling

v2.7 -- Apr 09 '10
  • Faster search results for many combinations of rules
  • Now also finds duplicate titles
  • (both improvements come at the price of excluding music videos - sorry, there is no other technical solution possible)
  • More settings: Number on App icon, repeat playback
  • "Play this" is now instant

v2.6 -- Mar 09 '10
  • Quickly switch between 5 tabs (A B, C, D, E) to create and reload 5 different smart playlists
  • Rules are now saved together with the search result, so you can always see what's "inside"

v2.5 -- Feb 18 '10
  • Improved navigation and synchronisation in list and details
  • No more black ribbons for non-quadratic artwork

v2.4 -- Feb 03 '10


v2.3 -- Dec 30 '09


v2.2 -- Dec 11 '09
Candy buttons ...


v2.1 -- Nov 23 '09
Trying out new icons ...


v2.0 -- Nov 08 '09
Now with some colour ...


v1.1 -- Oct 07 '09


v1.0 -- Sep 23 '09
That's how SmartPlaylist looked like at the beginning (Apple rejected the use of the iPod icons for Artist, Genre, etc.). Can you believe it.